More Weaponization — Not Less

As many of you are aware, Obama used the IRS to go after right-of-center organizations and deprive them of 501c3 approvals, and to punish companies who were right leaning.  This may have been disconcerting for you, but there’s worse news regarding this situation.  The IRS is now in the process of hiring back those employees who were exhibiting this discriminatory behavior!!  Yes, the IRS hasn’t learned its lesson yet!

It would seem that our federal government agencies have been weaponized and they intend to continue their bad behavior.  It is only reasonable to assume that we will see more illegal behavior in the near future — unless, representative Kristi Noem (R) gets her way.  She is promoting a bill to make it illegal for the federal government to hire back anyone who was dismissed for criminal behavior.

Doesn’t it seem odd to you that we need to write bills and change laws to inhibit such dishonest and ideologically motivated actions?  Isn’t this an indicator of how far down the dark path we’ve gone over the last few decades?  Welcome to the 21st century…

The IRS hiring fired employees



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