The Most Important Election of our Lifetime

After the Republican Convention in Cleveland was over, it took me few weeks to sit down and gather my thoughts to write this. The truth is: this has been the most out-of-the-ordinary Republican Convention that I have ever attended, and I had mixed feelings during the whole event. It is not a secret that I believe that most of all the other Republican primary candidates were more capable and experienced than our nominee to be our president. And here I was, at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, ready to see Donald Trump be nominated; yes Donald Trump, a TV celebrity, business man, and certainly a very controversial candidate. The people have spoken and like it or not, Donald Trump won the Republican primary to be our nominee.

I have been elected as a national delegate the previous two Conventions in 2008 and 2012. This time I was elected by my Congressional District and I was a delegate for Ted Cruz. I actually spoke and expressed my gratitude to Sen. Cruz, as I have done with all the other candidates, including the one I voted for in the primary, Sen. Marco Rubio, for running and willing to serve as a President. We already knew that Trump was the winner of the nomination, and we needed to unite our party.

As a political analyst who speaks frequently with Hispanic voters and who understand how difficult is for most of them to accept Mr. Trump - after he has spoken carelessly on Mexicans, women, handicap and other minorities- I find myself in a very difficult situation. However, I have also explained that the candidate in the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, is someone who cannot be trusted. She will harm the United States and all of us who live in our great country.

Let me be clear that for months I was clear in my disagreement on Mr. Trump running in the Republican primary, and I clearly spoke about this issue hundreds of times on national, international, and local TV. I also confronted the issue in regards to some of his absurd statements, like I did in this article for TexasGOPVote. I declined to work for the Trump campaign last year and I was clear that I do not consider Mr. Trump a real Republican - as he had never voted in a Republican primary- and that his values in the past were different than the values that he says he holds right now.

What I said about Mr. Trump in the past I sustain in the present; I said the truth. However, like many others, I have to sit down and evaluate my options for this election and what I want for my country. We have had eight horrendous years under Barack Obama. My options for this coming election are: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. What does my conscience tell me to do? If we lose this election, we lose our country. We have to get it right. What do I want for my country? I want a better future for America. I would like economic growth, better jobs, lower taxes, better healthcare, less national debt, support our military which is the best in the world, good national security, a realistic immigration solution with guest worker visas, better affordable education, pro-life legislation, religious freedom, etc. Under Hillary Clinton we will have a bad economy, less jobs, we will have higher taxes, the worst healthcare, she will dismantle the army, we will continue having a higher debt, and we will not have strong national security. We need to remember that.

Hillary cannot be trusted. She has lied many times to the American people. She will say whatever the people want to hear during the elections. For those who often ask me about the immigration issue I said she will not bring a good immigration reform system because she has been endorsed by the major labor unions and the unions oppose a guest worker program. She has demonstrated that the rule of law does not apply to her.

Capitalism is what makes a country grow and not socialism, and we need a leader who relies on a strong position on capitalism and who is surrounded with good advice. Despite Donald Trump being a flawed candidate, he has surrounded himself now with great Republicans, like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Rick Perry and others. He chose a governor Mike Pence to be his running mate. I think most of the policies that Donald Trump supports are those that will do the best for the nation and other people are there to keep him accountable.

Along with many other Republicans I have a couple of disagreements with him and think he will have to move to a realistic view on those. He certainly does not understand U.S. trade; Economists largely agree that NAFTA has provided benefits to the North American economies. Trump also does not understand we have a broken immigration system in America which needs to be reviewed and fixed. I am strongly expecting that he would reconsider those two areas, because those are good for the growth of US Economy.

But besides all the mentioned issues, we have to think on the supreme court. Supreme court justices are for a life time. We need a president who puts justices in the Supreme court who are capable to do their duty of interpreting the laws, justices who understand that freedom requires a limited government. We do not need justices who would rule from the bench, who understand that freedom requires a limited government. Hillary Clinton has major flaws in her judgment and her ability to be honest with the American people. She will not elect justices who will interpret our laws. As Wayne Grudem recently said:

“Hillary Clinton would quickly replace Justice Scalia with another liberal like Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan. This would give liberals a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court even without Justice Kennedy, and 6-3 when he votes with them. But that is not all. Justice Ginsburg is 83, and she has had colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and has a heart stent. Justice Kennedy is 80. Justice Breyer is 78. A President Clinton could possibly nominate three or four justices to the Supreme Court, locking in a far-left activist judiciary for perhaps 30 or more years. Some will choose, despite how bad Trump is, to still vote for him because at the end of the day it keeps Hillary and her leftist agenda out of office, and I don’t begrudge them for that.” 

During the convention, besides being a delegate, I was part of the RNC giving press conferences to the Spanish speaking media every morning. I also gave more than 60 interviews for national and international media. Explaining to the Hispanic journalists why we need to focus on the issues and not on the personality of a candidate is not easy. Spanish speaking TV handles public policy in a different manner. They want to know every aspect on how Hispanics would be affected by the candidates. It was important to explain to them the DANGER of a Hillary Clinton presidency. One of the speeches during the RNC Convention that was focused on Hillary Clinton was the speech Gov. Christ Christie delivered an EPIC TAKEDOWN of Hillary Clinton at RNC. This is a speech that every American should listen to. We know exactly why Hillary Clinton operated a secret email server in her basement- Because her selfish awful judgment in letting our secrets knows and because she wanted to keep the pay-to-play structure she set up in the State Department secret. We want others to realize the danger of Clinton in the presidency: We don’t disqualify Hillary Clinton. The facts of her life actions during her career disqualified her.

I understand the reasons why many are angry and upset with Donald Trump. I agree that this has been the most bizarre election ever and because of it some have chosen not to vote for either Trump or Hillary. My words to you are to please think in America’s future: you cannot remain being angry. Trump is surrounding himself with people who know about growing the economy. He knows he needs to learn to listen and to admit he is not well informed on all the issues. Yes, Trump also needs to learn to apologize.

I am willing to vote for the ticket based on those who are surrounding him and in the fact that I do not like the other option. But Trump would get more supporters if he would apologize those who he has offended. If he is humble enough to apologize he could revive with much more strength. No one can win without the Latino vote. I would strongly advise him to sit down and have a cordial conversation with Jorge Ramos, who like it or not, Ramos is the number one journalist in the Spanish speaking media and someone who influences most of the Hispanic voters. I am talking about millions of voters who would like to see Trump answering questions and sharing his vision with Ramos even if they disagree on some issues. Both are gentlemen. They can sit and talk. I know Ramos for many years, and he has always been open to listen to different views, regardless of his own. Ramos has requested him for this interview and Trump has not been willing to do it. He should.

We need to work hard between now and November. We need hope. We want to win. We need to be heading to win. And we need to have all our Republicans in the ballot win. People want to have their country better. This is it. This is the most important election of our lifetime, let's set the course and lay a foundation. We need to take every day on. The finish line is in November; let's not rest until we are sure Hillary Clinton will not be elected in November. If Hillary wins, the Republican party will split irrevocably, and we will be unable to recover America.


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