Newhouse Announces 100 Members of Congressional Western Caucus

Rep. Newhouse (R-WA), Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, announced the growth of the Western Caucus to 100 Members, making it now the second-largest caucus on Capitol Hill. Rep. Newhouse’s leadership of this caucus allows him to better advocate for the needs and priorities of Central Washington in Congress.

“The Congressional Western Caucus is, without a doubt, the preeminent voice for Central Washington and rural America on Capitol Hill. As Chairman of the Western Caucus, I am honored to lead 100 Members from across the United States to advocate for our rural way of life and serve as champions for these communities who feel they have been left behind by the federal government’s over-reaching laws and burdensome regulatory red tape,” said Rep. Newhouse. “It is clear to me—just as I know it is clear to my constituents—that the Biden Administration is failing to display the leadership America needs and deserves. Instead of continuing to cater to the radicals in their party, it’s time for them to take a look at how their policies are harming us in rural communities across the country. Because we deserve far better.”


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