Never fear, Trump wins Texas!!! No matter how hard Battleground Texas tries to beat Republicans and the lies presented to the Hispanic voter, it just isn’t happening this year!  This doesn’t mean we relax, no not at all.  We have to show up in great numbers to the polls on November 8th to show the Democrats we don’t want their social issues, fiscal recklessness, their policies, and their liberalism.   So if you haven’t voted or you haven’t decided who to cast your vote for, vote for Life, vote for America, vote for jobs! 

The MSM, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN are all barking for Hillary Clinton loud and nauseatingly clear, not to mention the fact that the lies to describe Hillary get more and more ludicrous.  She must be struggling because she has to have liberal Hollywood types open her mendacious rallies.   Obama and Joe Biden have also been out stomping for their candidate and at the same time degrading Trump. 

The polls have been difficult to follow because of the very different statistics, but now that the race is about to end, the polls are becoming more realistic.  It’s going to be a close race to the White House.   Battleground states according to different analyses are Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada and Arizona.  Depending on how they vote, these states will decide who will be our next Commander in Chief. 

Regardless, America will be faced with a divided country no matter who wins.  IF Hillary wins, she certainly will not be able to unite her own people since she has given her soul to the extreme LEFT, Socialism will be her mantra.   She will definitely NOT unite America; if anything, she will magnify the corruption in DC and stir more anger, more anguish among the American worker.  IF she were capable of telling the truth, she would not receive the Catholic Hispanic vote not only because of her stance on abortion but her hatred of Catholics.  IF Trump wins, the Republican Party will have to own Trump which might be very difficult for some Republicans.  However, Republicans must unite to invoke the very substantive Republican platform and revoke the liberal policies that would come from Democrats legislation.   Let’s hope that the Senate doesn’t lose the majority or we will be in trouble.   

Finally, because Texas will be RED, we need to pray for the rest of America.   Those voting for third parties are throwing their votes away along with their voice, simply because America is a two-party system.  The ugly truth is that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the only viable candidates for the WH and Donald Trump is clearly the better of the two.

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