The November Memo and the State of the Union

The President addressed the Union Tuesday night, promising more government, more spending, and more taxes.

Obviously the President did not read the November memo from America. The majority of the Union rejected the President's policies in the election of persistent Big Government.

King George III and the British imposed the Stamp Act 250 years ago this year. The colonists decried the new tax.

Higher taxes and more confiscation of property and wealth is not a sound solution; after all, taxes are already too high; after all, revenue into the Federal coffers is at a record level; after all, Americans are already hammered by ObamaCare taxes; and after all, raising taxes is not a proven economic theory to grow the economy. We need less tax. We should consider the fair tax that does not discriminate in taxation.

The President should remember history and not follow the old failed policy of King George III of more taxes but should pivot the Union to less taxation, less government, and more freedom for our citizens.

And that is just the way it is.


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