"Now Hillary Lost Because Of Putin," Not So

Post-election, we have heard one excuse after another for Hillary's defeat. The biggest is that Vladimir Putin hacked DNC emails to give Trump an advantage.

Come on, as Bruce Thornton said in his recent column, "The Dems' Latest Excuse for Losing" in Frontpage Magazine, "Does Hillary Clinton really want to bring up computer hacking? She violated the law by passing classified materials over an unsecured server, which almost certainly was hacked by several foreign governments, including Russia. Now she wants us to believe that hacking the email chatter of her staffers and dirty-tricks henchmen is more serious and damaging to our national security than what the Russians probably got off her server?"

But yet, they say the Russians affected our election outcome.

Thornton writes, "To believe that, you'd have to believe the leaked chit-chat of the DNC and Hillary's staffers convinced about 100,000 voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan to vote for Trump instead of Hillary. You'd have to believe those voters ignored Hillary's 25 years of lying and money-grubbing, her pay-for-play State Department, her utter lack of any vision or policy prescriptions other than decrepit progressive bromides, her lousy campaign, her questionable health, her lack of trustworthiness, and her intentionally putting national security at risk with her private server, but then balked at her flunkeys' trading snarky gossip and pulling dirty tricks on the Sanders and Trump campaigns. And let's not forget that harping on who hacked the emails or why is not as important as their content--not because they changed the election, but because they revealed the sleazy tactics and sordid chicanery of the holier-than-thou DNC."

Let me tell you what is really going on - the attempt to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump and to make his governing difficult. Here's an idea, let's give Trump a chance to govern. Then, if you don't like it, you can criticize.


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