Obama Administration to give Americans running head start before enforcing the Individual Mandate

Still unwilling to admit that the launch of Healthcare.gov has been an embarrassing failure, the White House has announced that the penalty for not purchasing health insurance may be delayed “by up to six weeks.” This means that we have another few weeks before we’re forced into what has become the most visible vehicle for government overreach since the New Deal.

After three years, Obamacare still isn’t ready for primetime; in fact, after hundreds of millions of dollars the Obamacare website isn’t even ready for primetime. Does this Administration really believe that six weeks (or less!) is really enough time to wade through this disaster and find a solution? Obama needs to face reality: Obamacare is coming apart at the seams and it’s time to put this broken law to rest.

The Founders did not envision a government that interferes with the health care decisions of Americans and their doctors.


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