Obama Divides the Country in Final State of the Union Speech

Last night, President Obama divided the country. For seven years, I have listened to the President blame Americans instead of terrorists. I have listened to him tout Obamacare while I’ve watched good, hard working people pay triple for their insurance premiums, and seen their deductibles skyrocket. I’ve watched community banks close while he lies and says new regulations are reining in big banks. I’ve watched him praise our troops while refusing to give them a pay increase that would match their civilian counterparts. And last night, I watched him mislead the American people again and blame an entire group – Republicans – for the very things Democrats are responsible for.

I think President Obama has forgotten what the Republican Party, what the Republican people, stand for.

The Republican Party was founded by thousands of anti-slavery activists as the party dedicated to freedom and equal opportunity. The GOP still upholds those values today. We believe in the commitment to the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We so strongly believe in protecting life, we refuse to fund an organization that is dedicated to ending the lives of unborn babies. We so strongly believe in liberty that we won’t allow President Obama to blame law-abiding gun owners for tragic deaths caused by the mentally ill or criminals who obtain their guns illegally. We so believe in the pursuit of happiness that we know we must rein in excessive regulations that are turning the American dream into a nightmare of red tape.

Last night, President Obama would have you believe that he and the Democratic Party are the saviors that hard working families must rely on in order to make it in today’s economy. But it is the Republican Party that will help you grow on your own so you can live your American dream without depending on an over bloated government. The GOP is for a smaller government, a more thoughtful government that creates the opportunity for people to work so they can provide for their families. It is the Democratic Party, and President Obama, responsible for the 23 percent increase in the American public’s dependence on some type of federal government welfare within the first two years of his presidency. It is under this President that our national debt has doubled.

It is the Republican Party that elected the first female member of Congress, the first African American Senator and the first Hispanic U.S. Representative, and appointed the first African American Secretary of State and first female African American Secretary of State. It was the Republicans who passed the 13th Amendment to end slavery while nearly every Democrat voted in opposition. It was the Republican Party who passed the 15th Amendment, extending African Americans’ right to vote. It was Republicans who ended racial segregation in Little Rock.

Last night, President Obama said, “Democracy does require basic bonds of trust between its citizens.” But his actions suggest otherwise. It was his administration that gave us, “If you like your health insurance you can keep it,” “Benghazi was caused by a video,” “ISIS is a JV team,” and “Lois Lerner’s hard drive crashed.” Yes, democracy does grind to a halt when its leaders consistently lie and put politics before people.

In a time when the country needs unity, the President instead wants you to believe that you must rely on the Democratic Party to get ahead today and if he has to sell a few lies and use fear to gain more followers, he is willing to do that. I stand for a free America. I stand for what the founding fathers fought for. I stand with Americans who want the American dream, not government dependence. And I want a President who respects the people, and the Constitution.


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