Obamacare Failing Ahead Of Schedule?

I blogged a few days ago that the fundamental problem with Obamacare in its conception, not merely its implementation, and that is absolutely true. But I have to admit to some surprise at the utter ineptitude of its introduction and rollout. I might have said that terrible consequences were inevitable, given the inherent inefficiency and the titanic egocentricity and brass of this President. But for five years, media has not only catered to, but managed to cover for him. That speaks as much as I've said, to the credulity of the public.

But the media can't cover this great elephant patty (or whatever they call what elephants leave) in the dead center of the national patio. Today, at least 5 Democrat U.S. Senators have called for a delay in the individual mandate, which is ironic given that that was one of the Republican ideas in a Continuing Resolution which Reid/Obama refused to the point of the government partial shutdown that Obama tried to dramatize to a ridiculous and unprecedented extent. You wonder if this bad idea will be like it poses for some of its patients: dying sooner than necessary.

But while a temporary relief, a delay restores neither proper constitutional liberty or the traditional American excellence that NATURALLY GROWS FROM LIBERTY. God put a magic in the liberty of both individuals and organizations. No other human agency can approximate the quality and efficiency that that produces. Leftists don't get that, as it is historically manifested over...and over...and over... Leftists also don't learn from history. It seems to be built in to the perspective. Just pass a law and wiggle your nose and BOOM!: Your wish will be so. Good stuff for everyone except for the better stuff for leftist government and its friends.




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