Obama's Attack on 2nd Amendment Continues With New Illegal Executive Orders That Accomplish Nothing

Good Boy Mr President, The Children are much safer nowOnce again, President Barack Obama ignores the Constitution and skirts the legislative process of legally creating laws by issuing two new executive orders. The idiocy of this is neither of the new executive orders relating to firearms will accomplish anything. But they make him look tough. Kind of like lobbing a couple of cruise missiles at Syria without any legal authority. I wonder if the President will trot out more children to use as props for allegedly making them safer, all the while doing nothing to actually address criminals who illegally use or posses guns.

The first executive order will require that anyone associated with a trust or corporation that is registering a firearm purchase go through a background check. The goal, apparently being, to keep felons, domestic abusers and others not legally eligible to own a firearm from obtaining one through a corporation or trust. 

Mr. Obama, it is already against the law (a felony) for these people to merely posses a firearm. No further legislation or regulation is necessary. Here's a tip... If you find a felon in possession of a firearm, bust them! Put them in jail and throw away the key. It doesn't matter who owns the weapon, it is a felony for them to be in possession of or have access to the weapon. Problem solved with no new law. You're welcome.

Additionally, the Obama Administration has failed to show that one single firearm has made its way into the hands of someone not authorized to own or posses a firearm. But never mind that. It makes him and his fellow Democrats feel good that they are doing something.

The second issue sounds like a really good idea. The President seeks to prohibit the re-importation of military weapons that were sold or otherwise sent to foreign military organizations. It cites approved requests for the re-importation of over 250,000 of these weapons since 2005.

Sounds scary right...we send military weapons to another country and then they sell them back into the U.S.? Well, let's take a look at what these weapons are.

M-1 Garand

According to a report on Fox News, these "military grade" weapons being re-imported are the old WWII and Korean War M-1 Garand 30-06 rifles. This is a semi-automatic rifle with a 8 round capacity. It is no more of a threat to security than any other hunting rifle imported today from any other country. But hey, it sounds good. We are stopping the re-importation of "military grade" weapons.

Unfortunately, while this sounds like the President is taking tough action to rid the streets of weapons of mass destruction, all he is really doing is stopping private, law-abiding citizens from being about to buy a piece of history.

Most of the guns being re-imported are either purchased by collectors for historical purposes or are used in civilian marksmanship programs promoting responsible, safe and accurate firearms ownership and usage.

Once again this is typical feel-good liberal policy-making. It sounds great but accomplishes nothing other than further restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. According to the report, not one single re-imported "military grade" weapon has ever been used in the commission of a crime.

So why, with all of the President's failures to do anything about increasing gun control, would he take this action now? It's simple. Congress is coming back into session with an agenda to investigate his administration on the "phony scandals" of Fast & Furious, Benghazi, The IRS and other federal agency scandals. He wants us talking about something else and not that.


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