Obama's Healthcare Plan will Change Your Relationship with Your Doctor - Ask Docs4PatientCare (Video)


Docs4PatientCare in Washington DC 

Members of Docs4PatientCare visiting Members of Congress in Washington D.C.

The question of whether ObamaCare will remain the law of this country or will be repealed by the next Congress will be determined on Tuesday night.  The impact may well change your personal relationship with your doctor and your opportunity to receive our country's best medical care forever. Never in my lifetime has one election had such a personal impact on the lives and quality of life of you, me and all of our fellow Americans.  You cannot sit out this race. You must vote and you must get your friends to the polls.  This election is about many things but none is so clear as the fate of ObamaCare and your healthcare.


While in Washington D.C. investigating the bankruptcy scandal that stole pensions from over 20,000 retired Delphi pensioners, I met a group of doctors who were touring the offices of Members of Congress discussing their opinion of ObamaCare and healthcare reform.  Docs4PatientCare is a group of real doctors (as opposed to the lab-coat models Obama likes to trot out for press conferences and photo ops) who are deeply concerned about the future of the American medical services profession and that impact on your future health and wellbeing.

Docs4PatientCare Interview with TexasGOPVote

Following is an interview I conducted with a group of these doctors. Please listen closely to their words as these could directly affect you in the near future.  Especially listed to the lady at the end of the video.  She is a doctor who lived under government controlled healtcare in a communist country.  Her words and observations are very chilling.

Leave no stone unturned on Tuesday.  As they say in football, leave it all on the field.  Don't let Obama get re-elected, or the senate remain in Democrat control because you didn't do everything you could do.




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