Odessa Police Chief Testifies on Capitol Hill During National Police Week

Unfortunately, the "Defund the Police" movement has infected our country. We’ve forgotten what it means to support real-life heroes, the men and women in law enforcement who serve our communities every day. 

Extreme budget cuts, rogue legal reforms, and media bias against law enforcement have resulted in significant recruitment and retention challenges for state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. These factors are not only preventing law enforcement from carrying out their duties to protect Americans, but they are also impeding police agencies across the homeland from having the resources to train their officers properly.

Our nation must restore a sense of appreciation for the men and women who wear the uniform, protect our communities, and are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the betterment of their communities.

I’m proud that Odessa Police Chief Mike Gerke came to Washington to advocate for law enforcement officers in our community and beyond during National Police Week. He testified in front of the subcommittee I chair within the Homeland Security Committee. 

Chief Gerke did a wonderful job testifying about the persistent challenges facing law enforcement agencies in the Permian Basin by saying: “The most persistent challenge does not involve crime per se. It involves the resources needed to fight crime, namely personnel. Like many law enforcement agencies across America, the Odessa Police Department is significantly short of Police Officers.” He also highlighted the rising drug problem as well as a recent joint information-sharing initiative between the Odessa Police Department and the Midland Police Department.

Watch highlights of the hearing here.


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