Open Borders -- The Enemies From the South

Venezuela is in deep trouble.  Their people are starving, there are riots in the streets, and people are being killed if they resist the communist movement.  We read articles about them and feel some remorse for the poor souls.  But in the long run, we move on to topics like, “What’s for dinner?”  It’s a shame, but then it’s another country, not ours afterall.  What have we to worry about?

The answer?  A lot!

Venezuela is an oil rich country.  Their people are in chaos and starving.  Their leadership is in cahoots with the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians.  What could go wrong?  What would they have to gain in sending billions of dollars to the torn country, not to mention thousands of troops?  Would having those three nations (of the axis of evil) be a threat to us?  It’s just a short drive north to get to Texas and the United States.  They couldn’t possibly be sending any real terrorists there, could they?

This all sounds like a great story line in a fictional novel doesn’t it?  But is is not fiction, it is reality — today!  You can read the details in this report written in Middle East Forum.  Yet another threat to consider.  And we wonder why depression is becoming an epidemic in our country..?

Iran, Russia, and China’s Central Role in the Venezuela Crisis


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