Open Letter to All United States Senators

Dear Senator,

When I was in school, we were taught that the United States Senate was “the world’s greatest deliberative body”. Under your current majority leader, it has been run more like the Soviet Politburo, with dissent, deliberation, and true debate stifled at every turn.

The very idea of amending a bill or resolution AFTER debate has ceased, (as your current rules allow) is repugnant to the ideals of a free republic that values open expression and debate.

You have lost your way. Badly.

The 20,000+ pages of administrative rules spawned by your 2,700 page bill defy adequate description of abject failure to lead and properly legislate. By comparison, this is over 50 times the length of the entire New King James version of the Bible! The entire Declaration of Independence and US Constitution total about 24 pages, combined. The ACA was passed of course, without reading it, and against the clear will of the people 3 ½ years ago. Now that we can “see what’s in it”, the will of the people is even stronger against it. We now know and are seeing layoffs, decreased medical coverage, radically increased premiums, a deadweight drag on our economy, and doctors and insurance companies exiting markets entirely.

It clearly represents the very antithesis of a healthy, vibrant marketplace.

I was forwarded a notice this week that at least one current existing plan is being completely cancelled effective January 1, 2014. This was not just a single policy holder, but an entire plan used by tens of thousands in Texas. In the letter forwarded to me and many thousands of other Texans, the unnamed and unsigned “Executive Director’s Office” used phrases including:

  • “Your _____Health Insurance _____ coverage is ending”
  •  [As a result of Obamacare, we] “will cease operations”
  • [Your insurance] “coverage will end at midnight December 31, 2013”
  • [You may] “shop for new coverage”
  • [If you qualify] “credits and subsidies, however, are available only if you purchase coverage from the Marketplace” [Note, not The free marketplace, but ironically a government run monopoly with the Orwellian “Marketplace” moniker.]
  • “If you enroll after December 15th, you will have a gap in coverage”

A takeover of roughly one-eighth of the U.S. economy by the federal government, especially in light of recent revelations about the IRS, the NSA, the FEC, and other agencies being blatantly political in their operation is stunning.

For the Senators who claim to represent the party of smaller government and Founding principles, to not support Senator Cruz and the bipartisan House Continuing Resolution that funds everything—even programs the GOP does not like except for the “train wreck” of the ACA—is truly shocking. No shutdown of anything—only a postponement of the start-up of the ACA. Whether or not you think this is the very best strategy, we are 3 ½ years into the law, and you have not made headway in ANY other strategy, and this is the battle at hand. You must fight it. You must show that at least our party in DC listens.

For the Senators of the other party, while your leadership wants you to be like lemmings, your constituents too want you to be leaders and shut down this monstrosity of legislation before it can do even more harm. You must fight it. You must show that your party, can also listen to the people, especially when screaming so loudly that Congress has made a colossal, historic mistake.

For the sake of this great Nation, find your way again.

Senators, if not you, who? If not now, when?



You might as well have written, "When I was in redneck school, we were taught that science, research, fairness, good ideas and making this country and the world at large a better place is all disruptive, if not outright evil. So I implore you to stop being evil for the sake of all the ignorant rednecks in the great redneck state of Texas."

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