Opening an Impeachment Inquiry Into President Biden

As chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I believe it’s crucial to know whether the president or any members of his family were influenced in any way by improper foreign business dealings. 

House Republicans have followed the facts and money for a year now, working to reveal whether or not President Biden knew about, was involved with, and benefited from his family’s corrupt influence peddling schemes.

Unfortunately, the White House has refused to cooperate in good faith, forcing House Republicans to formalize an official impeachment inquiry into President Biden. This inquiry will give Congress more authority to enforce subpoenas, follow the facts, and deliver the truth and accountability every American deserves. 

That's why, as a formal federal prosecutor, I voted for this inquiry. If the White House refuses to be transparent, Congress will use our Article I inquiry authorities to get answers. I discussed more of my thoughts on this inquiry with Martha McCallum on Fox News.


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