Patsy Arrested - As Expected!

Do you ever find yourself asking whatever happened with that Las Vegas shooting?  How come it just suddenly dropped off the radar and the feds said, ‘case closed’?  What was the ‘rest of the story’?  Did the person who entered the hotel room do the shooting?  Why were two rooms setup and shots fired from both?  Was he alone?  If not alone, how did the other person escape without being caught on CCTV?  How come the case was wrapped up with little or no explanation?  Even an attorney demanding documents couldn’t get anything from the government.  And now the word is there will be no more information coming regarding that incident.  Doesn’t that sound strange to you?  Did that leave you with some doubt regarding the FBI and its credibility?

Well, now we have the PA shooting.  Although the suspect is alive and arrested awaiting trial, will we learn any more about this case than the Las Vegas one?  My guess is, no.

The FBI local teams are in touch with their venues.  They know who all of the usual suspects are and where they are.  They know their background better than you know yours.  So, if you needed a ‘useful idiot’, they’d probably know where to find one that fits your specific needs.

There are many questions unanswered in this PA case — more than usual.  Why would someone build not one or two bombs that don’t work, but TWELVE!!?  Why would you use the same ‘from’ person name (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) if you didn’t want suspicion raised?  Why would that many packages be processed by the Postal service and get delivered without question?  Why weren’t the stamps cancelled (stamped) showing that the package was in fact processed by USPS?  Reports now are that some of the packages were ‘personally delivered’.  What?  Do you think that prominent elite people have rural mailboxes on the street for their mail?  They have armed security pick up their mail!   And on, and on, and on…

Isn’t it a coincidence that the shooter would change his political affiliation in 2016 when he is a convicted felon who can’t vote?  Could it be that someone altered the public records to show that he was a republican?

If this guy is so crazy and ‘angry’ that he started shooting Jews, why would he give up and submit to the police instead of shooting it out with them to the death?

The point here is that there are a huge number of ‘loose ends’ in this case that will probably never be resolved.  Mr. Sayoc will, in all likelihood, go to prison, but put in a dusty cell waaaay back in the back and we’ll never hear another utterance of this useful idiot.  What is important, is that the Left will have pulled off yet another plot to demonstrate two points:  republicans are evil and killers; and that guns are very bad.  A great foundation for ridding this country of evil guns.  The Left’s objective is to control the republicans and get rid of guns every chance they get.  You can’t have a ‘controlled’ society with guns in possession of that society.

The Left is very good at propaganda and illusion.  Saul Alinsky taught them a great deal and they’re using his Rules for Radicals at every possible opportunity.  While the Right continues following the rules and remaining righteous most of the time, the Left keeps marching forward — gaining ground.

At the very least, the Left has put yet another dent in the armor of the FBI showing them to be either inept, dishonest, complicit, or all of the above.  A very sad day for the FBI and America.  But a great day for the Left. . .   again.

Oh, and remember, who is the Left?  The communists trying to overthrow this country.  There are thousands of them right here in America.  And many are currently rushing our borders…

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