Pete Sessions: ObamaCare is Bad for Business, Bad for our Economy, and Bad for Jobs

I released the following statement regarding the Obama Administration's announcement that it will delay the employer mandate until 2015.

The Administration's announcement highlights what Texans have known since the day ObamaCare was rammed through Congress – this monstrous and unaffordable law is bad for business, bad for our economy, and bad for jobs. If the Administration is incapable of fully implementing ObamaCare after three years, then it is clearly too complex to force upon families and small businesses.

As a direct result of ObamaCare being signed into law, one in five small businesses have laid off workers while two in five have stopped hiring. It is unfortunate that politics motivated this announcement when House Republicans have been saying all along that ObamaCare is entirely unworkable for businesses. Now that the President has acknowledged that his most liberal legacy will not work for America's employers, it is time for him to admit it will not work for America's families either. In the absence of leadership from the White House, I will continue to lead the charge to fully repeal this "train wreck" and replace it with affordable, patient-driven solutions.


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