Pete Sessions Responds to President Obama’s Budget Proposal

Today President Obama demonstrated once again that the Democratic Party is committed to higher taxes, more spending, and piling additional debt onto the backs of America’s children. The President’s budget violates the law by blowing through spending caps, raises spending by $74 billion annually, proposes higher taxes on American families and businesses, and never balances – not this year, not in ten years, and not at any point in the future. Unsurprisingly, his budget contains no real solutions on how to address the drivers of our debt and proposes no ideas on how to reform our uncompetitive tax code. The President’s budget reflects the priorities of tax and spend liberals in Washington, not the priorities of American families in the heartland.

While the President’s budget is dedicated to more of the same, House Republicans look forward to delivering a serious budget proposal that tackles our nation’s fiscal problems. I look forward to supporting a budget that balances, helps promote the creation of good-paying jobs, and puts America’s families first.


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