Pete Sessions Statement on the July Jobs Report

Today, I released the following statement regarding the July unemployment report:

During the first six years of the Obama Administration, federal regulators added an average of 81 new major regulations per year, saddling American families with annual costs of $10 billion a year. Just this week the President announced yet another onerous regulation that will burden businesses with billions of dollars in compliance costs, cost thousands of jobs, and raise energy prices for hard working American families. When will Democrats learn that increased regulations only stifle job creation and further harm our already struggling economy?

While I am pleased that today’s jobs report shows that some Americans are able to find work, it is still apparent that regulatory burdens are hindering economic growth. With wages rising at the slowest pace in three decades and the labor force participation rate at the lowest points since 1977, now more than ever it is critical that we implement common sense, conservative solutions to unleash the free marketplace system and get our economy back on the right track. I remain committed to reducing unnecessary burdensome regulations and creating good paying, full time jobs for Americans across the country.


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