Poe Calls for National Guard Deployment to U.S./Mexico Border

I released the following statement regarding a potential deployment of the U.S. Military to the U.S- Mexico border.

Protecting American sovereignty and the American people is a constitutional requirement of the federal government. The National Guard should be deployed to the border upon the request of the state Governor to help ensure that our homeland remains secure and those who wish to enter the United States do so LEGALLY. During their deployment, the National Guard can assist Border Patrol and prevent those who wish to enter our country illegally.

The United States should also transfer surplus military equipment to be used by our National Guard and border security protectors. I have long advocated for such a move and have filed the SMART Border Act to do just this. Eligible equipment would include surveillance cameras, aerostats (small blimps), night vision gear, Humvees and other applicable equipment that can be used for border security purposes. The Coast Guard has concurrent jurisdiction over the international waterway, the Rio Grande river, and should be deployed to protect portions of it. Border security is a national security issue.


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