Political Corruption In Harris County, This Week's Appalling Story

Co-Panelist on "What's Your Point?" and independent Bill King and Fox 26's Greg Groogan, have uncovered the latest in a long line of scandals and corruption emanating from the Harris County Commissioner's Court Democratic majority.

The corrupt politicians responsible are Lina Hidalgo, Adrian Garcia, and Rodney Ellis, who as King stated:

"Several weeks ago, Harris County Commissioners Court awarded a nearly $11 million contract to Elevate Strategies, LLC to do ‘vaccine research' in Harris County. Elevate Strategies is owned by Felicity Pereyra. It does not appear that it had any employees at the time of the award and apparently is operated out of an apartment in Montrose in this complex."

"According to Ms. Pereyra's LinkedIn page, she has zero public health experience. Rather, since getting her BA in History from UH, she has spent almost her entire career as a Democratic operative, including stints with the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the mayoral campaign of Adrian Garcia, who voted for her contract.

"The Request for Proposals set out a litany of requirements, many of which Elevate Strategies patently does not meet, such as being in business for a minimum of three years. The County Purchasing Department has confirmed to Groogan that it was directed to waive some of the requirements for Elevate Strategies, including providing financial information.

"When questioned about Elevate Strategies' obvious lack of qualifications, Hidalgo, with a straight face, defended the selection saying that running a vaccination campaign is the same as running a political campaign. What an insult to the intelligence of Harris County residents.

"The contract is to be funded from grants doled out by the federal government. To put $11 million of taxpayer money in some perspective, the average family in the US pays about $15,000 in income each year. That means that all of the income tax paid by about 700 families this year will go to funnel this money into Ms. Pereyra's company.

"Hidalgo came into office promising a new era of ethics and ‘best practices' in county government. Instead, she has presided over some of the worst corruption in the history of Commissioners' Court. In nearly three years, she has still done absolutely nothing to resolve the high-profile case of the county spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to store a private art collection."

And this scandal and corruption involved are just the tip of the iceberg. We will have more to come in future issues. By the way did you read the Houston Chronicle coverage? No, me either as they enable corruption in Harris County, Texas. Now if it was Republican corruption, do you think they would cover it?


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