Politicization & Political Correctness Infecting Our Entire Lives, It's Not A Good Thing For Our Country

When is the rot of politicization of everything and the spread of political correctness going to stop? We don't know about you, but I have had enough.

Think about it, in recent years free speech has been under assault on college campuses. When you go to a Broadway show it is entirely possible to witness a performance that ends with having to listen to the actors political agenda. All for the price of a ticket for entertainment. Now the rot is spreading to professional sports where we have players protesting by refusing to stand for the National Anthem, and it's a good bet the NBA and maybe baseball are next.

While we are venting, President Trump did not help things when he went beyond where he should have gone - talking about respect for the flag and our National Anthem to telling NFL owners what to do. President Trump was successful in injecting himself into the middle of this.

I have an idea, let's respect the flag, our nation and support the right of free speech (without being shouted down,) which includes professional athletes or performers, but not when they're performing.

As bitter as the politics in America have become is it asking too much to keep the over-the-top partisanship out of some aspects of our lives? Can't we go to enjoy plays, sports, etc., even with people we disagree with politically without politics inserting itself into the proceeding? I say yes and this is critical. If not, we are in for a lot more difficult future.


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