President Trump's South Asia Strategy

President Trump’s Afghanistan speech on Monday night was a rude awakening for Islamabad. Those in the Pakistani military and intelligence services who thought they could keep betraying the United States while accepting billions in aid from Washington must now realize that the jig is up.

For years I have championed a tougher line on Pakistan in Congress precisely for the reasons the President laid out in his speech: Pakistan supports terrorist groups of all stripes operating inside Afghanistan, providing them with money, arms, and logistical support. Despite Pakistan’s ongoing treachery, Islamabad is among the leading recipients of U.S. foreign assistance since 9/11 and is praised in some quarters of the U.S. government as a “vital” ally. This must stop – if we want to stabilize Afghanistan, we must deal first with Pakistan.

President Trump’s speech marked a positive shift in U.S. policy, but it must not be limited only to words. If Pakistan does not stop aiding terrorists with American blood on their hands we must cut all aid to Islamabad, revoke their privileged status as a Major Non-NATO ally, and designate Pakistan a State Sponsor of Terrorism. And that’s just the way it is.”


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