Previtera Loses HD123 - Menendez Wins Big SD26

Nunzio Previtera campaigning for House District 123 was the Republican hero for the night after losing to Diego Bernal. Bernal, the NDO originator, winning with 63.67% of the vote, went into the HD race with plenty of name recognition. Previtera on the other hand, had plenty of backing from his fellow Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott, with little or no name recognition. Previtera’s Watch Party held at the Bexar County Republican headquarters was filled with cheerful well-wishers and supporters. I spoke to Nunzio and his spirit is not dampened in the least, in fact he told me that, “Italians never give up and I have the next two years to gain support and name recognition.” I was glad to hear him say that because San Antonio is still the lazy town that refuses to accept the near and present danger of the liberal agenda.

After leaving Previtera’s party, I headed to Cha Cha’s Mexican restaurant where Jose Menendez was celebrating his win in Senate District 26. It’s not easy to digest a Democrat winning since our values are on opposite ends. But I thought it important that we grasp what happened at the Special Election on Tuesday, February 17. Republicans not only contributed to Menendez’ campaign but helped to vote him in. The vicious battle between two liberals, Menendez and Trey Martinez Fischer was definitely full of drama. Fischer the self-proclaimed ‘fighter’ went out like a light early receiving only 40.96% of the low turnout vote and Menendez reaped a hefty 59.04%. The people in San Antonio must be thinking because they chose Menendez, a soft spoken seemingly harmless candidate, over the harsh and self-proclaimed ‘fighter’.

Fischer may have miscalculated his winning votes while counting all the money contributed by his frenzied supporters. The Texas Trial Lawyers Association PAC, Mostyn Law Firm and individual trial lawyers contributed to his campaign well over $300,000 and Fischer’s One Texas PAC which supports marriage equality contributed over $100,000. During the last state Democratic convention Fischer called the GOP ‘Gringos y Otros Pendejoes’ totally overlooking the fact that Gringos y Otros Pendejoes vote. Fischer now has to answer to all his high dollar ‘buddies’ who placed such high hopes in his miracle producing liberal agenda.

After introducing myself, I was surprised that Menendez knew exactly who I was. Giving him my perfunctory congratulations and realizing that my time was limited, I had two questions for him. The first was his stance on Pro Life. Knowing that he is Catholic, I reminded him that abortion goes against the doctrine of the Catholic Church. He told me that he has been giving this issue a lot of thought. He related to me that he expects the Democrats will come after him with a vengeance in 2016, hinting that that is why he has to be Pro Choice. I immediately mentioned to him that politics should not trump faith. Another surprise, he said, “I know that.” He told me he was doing some serious rethinking on his Pro Choice position. Not giving up, I told him that Senator Eddie Lucio a Democrat was Pro Life, he came back with, “Yes, but he is in the Valley.” I now know that Menendez knows that politics should not trump faith.

My second question to him was, “Did it help that two Republicans were on the SD26 ballot in the Primary of the Special Election? He answered, “Absolutely, positively that helped me win!” We certainly know this since the two Republicans brought in 5,319 to his 4,824 votes. He told me he was planning on working with the Republicans and that he would not take part in any name calling like his opponent Fischer. I will say he was gracious and even introduced me to his wife, Cehlia.

Republicans were a definite factor in Menendez winning and now have a stake in his decision making. It seems his ‘friend’ Joaquin Castro while donating $500.00 to his campaign abandoned him and endorsed his fierce opponent, Fischer. Castro wasn’t the only Democrat ‘friend’ who deserted him. If I were Menendez, I would strongly rethink party affiliation.

I am of the opinion that no liberal Democrat deserves the Republican support Menendez received. But I also understand that SD26 constituents had only two Democrats to choose from and needed to have a voice. Their message was loud and clear. IF San Antonio really wants to return to its conservative values, then it’s time that they become serious and stop pandering to the Democrats and start supporting true Republicans. Conservative Republicans still stand for less government, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, life and traditional marriage.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

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