Prime Minister Modi’s Visit Critical to Strengthening Ties Between U.S. and India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s addressed a Joint Meeting of Congress today. It was really a historic day in Washington, D.C., and in the relationship between the government of the Republic of India and the United States of America.

I was reminded of how far our two countries have come in such a relatively short period of time.

As Prime Minister Modi said, India joins the U.S. in more joint military exercises than with any other country, and we have a robust civil nuclear agreement that allows for the exchange of critical information and technology. This has been a long time in coming.

Our economies continue to rely upon each other increasingly for trade and investment.

Perhaps most importantly, we share growing cultural ties.

When Prime Minister Modi spoke today, he talked about his vision for his country's future, including deepening and broadening the relationship with the United States. That is really a welcome statement by the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, over the last few years – seven or eight years of the Obama Administration – many of our friends and allies around the world have questioned our commitment to those friendships and those alliances. And conversely, many of our adversaries have become emboldened when they see America retreating from its engagement with the rest of the world.

The safety and stability of the Asia-Pacific region in particular will depend more and more on the safety and stability of India. And, here in the Senate, we have ample opportunity to work with our friends from India in order to guarantee that goal.

Let me close on the Prime Minister's comments this morning just by thanking him publicly. It speaks volumes to his commitment to further the U.S.-India relationship, and I look forward to continuing to play a small part in that effort through the work of the Senate India Caucus.


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