Protecting America from 'Whites'

We in America face a number of threats worth our time and attention in preventing.  Every day we see more threats in the news we’ve identified previously, and new ones too often that we wouldn’t have anticipated.

You would think that our leadership (congress) would take substantive action to prevent further escalation of those threats.  But as you know, political correctness ‘does not allow them to take action’.  For example maybe implementing real actions or laws to prevent Islamic terrorism in our country and calling it out for what it is, not fantasizing it being warm, fuzzy and full of love would be a better approach.  Ah, but that would offend someone.

They are taking action via new potential laws.  Representative Bradley Scott Schneider has sponsored a new bill (originally presented in 2017) — H.R. 4918 – the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018”.   In this bill it targets ‘whites’.  Not any other color person, just whites.  Could it be possible that other races in our country could be terrorists?  Should the color of a person matter when identifying a terrorist or terrorist group?  Shouldn’t that be irrelevant?

If you read the text of this bill (see link above), you will find that this bill — first introduced in 2017 — is specifically directed at whites.  The first sentence in this bill spells out their agenda.  “White supremacists and other right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.”  (It would seem someone forgot about 911..?)  The words “most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States” should make you wonder why they set their priorities where they do and where they get their information.  Since when has the Klu Klux Klan become the “most significant domestic threat” to our country?   How many bombings have occurred in recent years where ‘whites’ were the terrorists?  Antifa is a white, communist hate group, but then they’re against whites also.  But where’s the outrage against them?  Hasn’t Black Lives Matter been a bit of a problem?  Confusing isn’t it?

Why must we repeatedly divide our country by race?  Is it no wonder we are where we are today with the division we experience?  What will change the course of our country and its approach toward addressing problems we face?

Based on the escalation of existing problems in our country, it would appear our approach isn’t working that well.  Maybe it’s time we alter our course and face problems head on, ignoring the color of a person’s skin and focus on the real issues at hand.

Take just a couple of minutes and read this bill.  Ask yourself if their primary concern is different than yours.  If your answer is no, then ask why their priorities are so different.  If your conclusion is that they are off target, then it may be obvious why we are where we are today.


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