Protecting the Second Amendment

It seems to me that some people in Washington will do whatever it takes to seize our guns and ammunition. They operate with no regard for the Constitution, the Courts, the Congress or the will of the people.

As Chairman of the Subcommittee that oversees funding for the ATF and Department of Justice, it is my duty to stop the Obama Administration from dismantling our Constitution. By using the power of the purse, we can make federal bureaucrats in Washington respect our Second Amendment rights, which are absolute and written in plain English.

That is why my Subcommittee’s fiscal year 2016 CJS Appropriations bill contains strong and permanent protections that stop what I believe is the President’s back door gun control agenda in its tracks.

First, it defunds the United Nation’s arms control treaty that the Administration and activist judges could have otherwise used to re-write laws and take away our guns.

The 2016 CJS bill also stops the ATF from banning the import of curio and relic firearms; stops them from banning the import of shotguns; stops them from going after gun parts valued less than $500 that are exported to Canada; and stops them from keeping records on multiple rifle and shotgun sales. It also prevents other agencies from trying to take on the responsibilities of the ATF.

We made all of these policies permanent and also made sure that the ATF cannot go after certain types of ammo like they did last March, when they tried to classify .223 green tip ammunition as “armor piercing.”

All of us in Texas love law enforcement. This bill gives our agents the resources they need to protect our lives and property. But it also makes clear that if these agencies expect to have the privilege of spending our precious, hard-earned tax dollars, they are going to have to follow the law as written by Congress- not as government bureaucrats wish it had been written.

The House approved my bill by a vote of 242 to 183 on June 3.

By law, the ATF and other federal agencies under my jurisdiction must give my Subcommittee a very detailed spending plan. Rest assured that through aggressive oversight, I will be ever vigilant in protecting our Second Amendment rights.

It is an honor an privilege to represent you and Texas in the United States Congress.


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