Put YOUR Boots on The Ground October 17th, 2015

Boots on the ground. We've all heard that phrase before. Do we live it, or do we sit in front of our computer and read the headlines and complain? Even in the midst of all of the despair and hopelessness that can be spread among the ranks of the local GOP and beyond, I believe that there are activities we can engage in to grow our party. Like what? Like the basic nuts and bolts of campaigning, things that we can do to help boost our local party affiliate. I have to warn you, it's not for the faint of heart. Are you ready?


I know, I know, block walking is not glamorous or sexy. It's not as much fun as a high dollar fundraiser at a fancy house with big donors and champagne flowing from gilded fountains. Matter of fact, it's quite the opposite. It's hard work; it's sweaty work. You expose yourself to the elements and people, and did I mention Texas-sized mosquitoes?? So why do it? Why bother getting out in the heat and rain and humidity to knock on a few doors and present Republican ideas to the masses?

Because it works! I'll even prove it to you. Here's one reason why to do it: Mike Schofield, State Representative for House District 132. Mike knocked on over 7,000 doors during his primary run and his run-off combined, and he (obviously) won his race. He also had a good campaign, but the fact that he knocked on so many doors (dressed in a suit and tie, I might add) had a great deal to do with his victory.

I asked Representative Schofield to give us an inside, a reason as to why block walking is so important. He shared this, "Even the biggest presidential campaigns know that elections are won by having volunteers talk directly to voters. They spend millions of dollars targeting precincts and individual voters for phone banks and block walking because it determines who will win. Anyone who wants to have a real say in their government can do that most directly by knocking on doors in their neighborhood and phoning their neighbors."

And that's exactly why Katy Libertea is teaming up with Harris County Republican Party on Saturday, October 17th. We need to build an army of grass roots volunteers for 2016!! So what are you waiting for! RSVP and join us on the 17th by clicking on the link here. The time to act is NOW!!


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