Questioning the FBI's Recommendation

There is one justice system in the United States, and one set of laws that we all must follow. When those laws are not respected, there are consequences – unless you’re former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Last week, the FBI concluded their investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server for official government business and the dissemination of classified documents. FBI Director James Comey determined that despite Clinton being “extremely careless” with classified documents, there was no reason to pursue charges against her.

The FBI determined that over 100 emails across dozens of chains contained classified information. These emails were deemed classified when they were sent. Eight of those email chains contained Top Secret information. A small number of these emails were marked, but as Secretary of State, Clinton should have, or would have known that this information was classified, and therefore, had a duty to protect it.

Not only did Clinton mishandle classified documents by using a private email server, the FBI concluded that it was highly likely that her email account could have been hacked by adversaries.

In the opinion of the FBI, it is likely that Secretary Clinton put our national security at risk with her actions, but despite the FBI’s conclusion, Hillary Clinton will not face charges.

I am extremely disappointed in the FBI’s recommendation to forgo charges against Secretary Clinton. While I have no doubt that the agency’s investigation was thorough, it was proven that she mishandled documents and put our national security at risk.

Director Comey’s explanation that Clinton did not knowingly break the law does not clarify his recommendation, which is why I joined over 200 House Republicans in sending a letter to the FBI Director requesting that he explain a few unanswered questions. You can read that letter here.

Government officials are not immune to the law, and if anything, should be held to a much higher standard. There absolutely should be repercussions for Secretary Clinton’s negligence. We’ve seen other government employees be charged for much less regarding the handling of classified documents.

The FBI still has a lot of explaining to do to defend their recommendation, and I look forward to hearing the answers to our questions.

It is an honor and a privilege to represent you and Texas in the United States House.


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