The Race for Texas Attorney General - Barry Smitherman's Record

AG Candidate Barry SmithermanNote: The sixth paragraph of this article as been updated to correct an error. The original article stated Smitherman had received an "A" rating from the NRA. It is, in fact, an "A+" rating. The author apologizes for underestating the commissioner's oustanding record on the 2nd Amendment.

Earlier this week we looked at the legislative record of State Representative Dan Branch and found a surprising record where he offered an amendment to a bill that would have expanded third trimester abortion rights in Texas. This illustrates why a candidate's record is important. Opponents of Smitherman like to point out that he does not have a legislative voting record. I think that is a pretty weak argument. Records are important, but you don't have to be a legislator to have a record. Berry Smitherman has a strong and easy-to-find record of public service to the people of Texas.

Smitherman is asking the people of Texas to elect him to be the next Attorney General of Texas. An executive branch of government position that requires many different skills. Certainly different skills than those required to be a legislator. Let's take a look at some of those.

Smitherman served as a prosecutor in one of the greatest District Attorney's Offices in this nation, the Harris County District Attorney's office. While there, he established a strong record of prosecutions, particularly in the area of domestic violence and drunk driving cases. One of the functions of an attorney general is to oversee prosecutions like the one today where Attorney General Greg Abbott's team secured a major human trafficking conviction. During an interview I conducted with Smitherman in September, Smitherman pledged to use the full prosecutorial powers of the Attorney General's Office to assist local prosecutors and law enforcement officers who protect the border regions of Texas, where drug cartels and human traffickers run rampant.

Our state is under continuous attack from an over-reaching and over-regulating federal government. As Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, Smitherman has a solid record of acting as a litigator to protect the extremely valuable energy industry from attacks by the ObamaThugs in the Environmental Protection Agency. In this capacity he has sued the ObamaThugs seven times protecting jobs, families and the Texas Economy.

Barry Smitherman in Fort Bend County

Barry Smitherman Talks to Voters in Fort Bend County

Also as Chairman of the Public Utility Commission, Smitherman has a record of being able to manage a huge executive branch agency in the Texas government. He has a record of being able to hire good managers to carry out the laws of the state handed to his agency by the Texas Legislature and Governor. 

Smitherman earned an "A+" rating from the National Rifle Association because of his record as Railroad Commission Chairman where he established policies to allow Railroad Commission employees to carry concealed weapons while on duty. Often times these workers are in remote locations where help could be far away.

Screenshot taken from NRA's Political Vicotry Fund Website

Having gathered executive management skills is a record that will serve the people of Texas well as the Texas Attorney General's Office is a vast complex agency, which must be staffed and managed by someone who has a proven record of being able to do so. One needs only look at the Obama Administration to see what happens when you elect an executive manager with no management experience.

Barry Smitherman in San Jacinto County

Barry Smitherman Speaks at Reagan Dinner in San Jacinto County

Smitherman has a record. He has a record of being a tough prosecutor which will serve us well as he moves forward to use the AG's office to help secure the Texas border with Mexico. He has a record of being a staunch defender of the state's economy against a federal government that has declared war on the people and economy of Texas. He has a record of being able to manage large executive branch agencies of government and apply the law as it is written.

Opponents of Barry Smitherman like to say, "He doesn't have a legislative record where we can judge him by how he votes." Well guess what... Ted Cruz didn't either. What Barry Smitherman does have is a record that proves he has the skills that will be required of the next Attorney General of Texas.

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