Raul Reyes Jr. Announces for Congressional District 23

Retired Lt Colonel Raul Reyes Jr hosted a Meet and Greet on May 17, 2019 in Castroville, Texas at the Alsatian Golf Pro Shop to announce his candidacy for Texas Congressional District 23. He will be challenging incumbent Will Hurd in the 2020 Republican primary.

Reyes is a native of Del Rio where he was born and raised by his mother and immigrant father who came to America seeking the American Dream.  He pointed out at the Meet and Greet that his father came from Mexico and became a citizen of the United States.  Reyes graduated from Angelo State and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the USAF.  He served his country proudly for 22 years. 

He was a cybersecurity officer and as such has traveled extensively to South America and Central America’s Triangle consisting of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  He says that this experience gives him the knowledge and understanding of the problems in Central America that are presently affecting us at the Texas-Mexico border.  Speaking about Central and South America he stated that, “the Northern Triangle is the most dangerous place you can be.”  He was in and out of that area all the time.  He also stated that Colombia used to be a combat zone and spoke about the narcotics traffic deep in the jungle.  “So if you ask me if we need a wall, I would build it 10 times higher and we need it yesterday.”

He supports President Trump’s border policies.  Building the wall where it is possible and fixing immigration policy so that we can move forward in the crisis we are now experiencing is a priority.  He also would very much like to restore jobs in the district, especially in Del Rio, his hometown, where he attended Del Rio high school.  These are but two of his goals: secure the border and jobs to the district.

Reyes is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and says he will fight for our right to bear arms.  He mentioned that incumbent Hurd voted for HR 8 –Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019.  He is a believer of building coalitions to achieve his goals.   During the Question and Answer time, he was asked about the possibility of war in Iran and among his answers did say he was not a ‘War Hawk or neocon’, but will defend his country as he has in the past.

As a Christian, he also makes no exceptions for prohibition against abortion.  He will stand for life and will not waiver. 

I personally attended the Meet and Greet because I wanted to hear what Col. Reyes had to say and how the people would react to him.  The room was filled to capacity and it was standing room only all along the back of the room.  There were over 100 people ‘hungry’ to hear his message.   It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a Meet and Greet with so many enthusiastic people eager to ask a question.  It truly was a great experience for those attending.  Hope has been restored in CD23. 

Frank Lopez, Jr is Reyes’ campaign manager and also a friend.  He was a Border Patrol agent for 30 years in the Del Rio Sector and became the first Border Patrol agent in history to wear the Chaplain’s crest.   Lopez also has extensive experience working in the field with other agents. This experience coupled with Reyes understanding of the Triangle will be an enormous factor in formulating policy to the 2,000 miles on the Texas-Mexico border.

Reyes is married to Cryselda.  He is the father of two sons and one daughter.  His parents, sister and cousins from Del Rio were present when he made his announcement to run for office.  In closing he emphasized that, “I will do what I say I will do.”

Congressional District 23 is a blend of Democrats and Republicans because of its extensive size, which includes about 800 miles on the Texas Mexico border.  It is made up of 29 counties with a population of approximately 700,000.  Hispanics in this district are 70% and the Anglo population 25%.  Reyes speaks fluent Spanish and has personal knowledge of the district he calls home.  His passion and sincerity to serve the people gives hope to a district long neglected by the current incumbent.







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