Raul Torres, Newt Gingrich, and Dianne Costa Speak Up About Applying Lean Six Sigma To The Federal Government to Reduce Waste

This past legislative session, freshman State Representative Raul Torres (HD-33) introduced HB3149, legislation that would bring corporate efficiency to government agencies using the Lean Six Sigma method to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency. The Lean Six Sigma method is a set of tools that can be used to identify and remove the causes of defects, improve quality, and cut costs.

In an interview, Rep. Raul Torres discussed that this method has been used successfully in both the private and public sectors. The Department of Defense has saved billions of dollars, which have been spent on additional equipment and needs for the military. Irving, Texas spent $100,000 to implement the process, but saved $20 million in expenditures in a two-year period. Furthermore, private sector corporations such as Apple, Ford Motor Company, and Motorola have also successfully implemented the Lean Six Sigma process.

While HB3149 did not make it out of Committee, a requirement was added to Senator Mike Jacksons SB563, calling for a pilot program to be implemented at the Texas Workforce Commission. 

At the Iowa Straw Poll Presidential Kick-Off Breakfast and “Corn Poll” sponsored by Voices of Conservative Women and Purse Iowa, Newt Gingrich discussed the importance of incorporating Lean Six Sigma into government. Every subcommittee member in the House and the Senate "should start holding hearings to applying Lean Six Sigma to every aspect of the federal government from the ground up. Mike George, who created Strong America Now, believes we can save $500 billion dollars a year. Over ten years thats $5 trillion dollars. Thats three times what the committee of twelve is supposed to get..."

Dianne Costa, candidate for Texas Congressional District 25, stated in reference to the Lean Six Sigma process:

"You mean this could be used as a model for how the federal government should be run? It could be used to cut waste and fraud in federal spending. This could potentially stop the abuse of U.S. taxpayers, and it is something we could implement now. No recreating of the wheel would be necessary.
"Businesses know how to control spending and improve efficiency and when they do not, they become ineffective and uncompetitive and do not stay in business Government has an important job to do, and as taxpayers we would like it to be efficient doing that job. If we can find and apply proven methods from the private sector for improving efficiency and reducing costs in government, we the taxpayers may have a little more confidence in the way the federal government is using our hard earned money.
"If the arrogant in Washington can admit they have no clue of what they are doing and embrace such a methodology, it would be a win/win for all."

To learn more about Lean Six Sigma, go to Michael Georges site, Strong America Now. You can also read Michael Georges books about Lean Six Sigma. According to Strong America Now, applying Lean Six Sigma to government can reduce the United States budget by 25 percent.



Thanks for bringing attention to Lean Six Sigma -- which will transform government -- and for the video from Newt.

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