The Red Tape Cutters

As your representative in Congress, one of my jobs is helping you deal with the government. I want to make sure you are aware that I have Red Tape Cutters in my district offices working to help you.

First, I’d like to share with you a success story. Last year, a local veteran came to us seeking help with his disability claim. He is a retired member of the Army Reserve with severe disabilities which prevent him from working. We did an initial inquiry and sent him an interim letter in early 2014. My staff of Red Tape Cutters worked to make sure the VA would address his needs and award him the benefits of his claim. This same veteran returned to us on August 4, 2014 letting us know that he had received his VA Award letter awarding him 100% disability from the VA. He was delighted and says he is very happy with his award and the help he received from my office. He also has a sick wife who needs constant care and she too will be covered. I remain committed to helping veterans receive the benefits and support they’ve earned and deserve.

I am more than aware of how frustrating it can be sometime when dealing with a federal agency. Just like with the VA executives, bureaucrats often have few incentives to get a job done in a timely fashion. Often, a call or letter from a Congressional office can speed thing up! I have hired a staff of Red Tape Cutters to work in my Corpus Christi and Victoria offices to serve as liaisons between you and the federal government. Common issues we can help you with include:

  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services 
  • Social Security Administration 
  • Department of Veterans Affairs 
  • Passports 
  • IRS

I am determined to effectively serve those who served us. In addition to my Red Tape Cutters​, I have employed U.S. Army Captain Rene Coronado in my Corpus Christi office to exclusively deal with Veterans issues and outreach.

Frequently, my office can facilitate the processes between you getting what you need and the red tape associated with the federal government by encouraging an agency to give your case consideration and sometimes (within the law in accordance with ethics rules) advocate for a favorable outcome. My staff of Red Tape Cutters and I understand how challenging it can be to deal with the Federal bureaucracy, and we want to help. Feel free to call, write, fax, or e-mail us about your concerns, and we'll do our best to help you.


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