Red Tape Cutters Getting Results for Veterans

This week, I would like to highlight the work of my “Red Tape Cutters”, Vanessa Hicks-Callaway and Nicole Beamer.

In January 2016, my office was contacted by a veteran who was suffering from a severe disability in need of a vehicle adapted for his specific needs. The veteran had submitted paperwork to the VA in May 2015 and was given confirmation of receipt, yet he did not receive the help he desperately needed. After leaving many messages for his counselor at the Texas Veterans Commission in Houston, the vet found out that his counselor had left the agency, and contacted my office. In January, Vanessa and Nicole began hounding the VA on the veteran’s behalf. They worked tirelessly by sending regular requests for status updates and specifics concerning the request. In March 2016, their persistent effort paid off, and the veteran was able to finally obtain an automobile adapted for his disability.

This is only one example of the many different cases that my Red Tape Cutters handle on a daily basis. If you, or someone you know, needs help dealing with the Federal bureaucracy, please let my office know and we’ll do our best to help you. You can find out more information on my website by clicking here.


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