Rednecks, Antifa, or Projection?

Projection is a tactic often used by those who wish to not acknowledge or avoid recognition of their shortcomings.  Or, they want to use their faults to attack someone else.  Not only do individuals use this tactic, but so do groups.

The following two articles are just a couple of examples of this tactic being used a lot today.  Leftists refer to conservatives as bible thumping, gun toting, racist, etc. people.  We hear this often on the public news.  But is it possible that this tactic is being used to an even greater level than we think?  On the internet?  Apparently that is the case.

I don’t know about you, but to me when you use the word ‘redneck’, it has the connotation that the person is white, conservative, etc.  This has been the case for decades.  But apparently the term has been ‘reconfigured’ and hijacked.

Along the same lines, ‘Oath Keepers’ has been in existence for several years and is comprised mainly of military and police.  Their concept is that they have sworn an oath to protect and defend America (Americans) to the best of their ability — a very worthy and honorable thing to do.  However, the second article below shows them as the complete opposite.  Yet another example of projection.

This is just one of the tactics that American(s) are being attacked with.  It should be every American’s interest to read beyond the print and to understand what is really being said and about who.  They call this ‘critical thinking’.  More Americans should practice it or we will be convinced that not only Santa Claus is dead, but so is God.

Redneck Revolt

Oath Keepers

We all need to be on watch for what’s coming next and who’s going to do what..?  ‘We the people’ are who run this asylum.  Otherwise, don’t complain if things get too ‘crazy’ for you in the near future.


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