The Relentless Wannabee Rick Green

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. - Thomas Jefferson

It’s important in this election and in every election to know exactly who is going to be the receiver of your precious vote. This election it seems lies and exaggerations have infiltrated many campaigns. In a frantic attempt to resuscitate the Rick Green Texas Supreme Court Place 5 campaign, the campaign sent out an email crying that Rick was under attack and needed help. It continued that the campaign needed money because of the massive war chests the entrenched legal community establishment have, “We need to go head-to-head, dollar for dollar with the entrenched legal establishment and their massive war chests.” I was under the impression that Rick, who has absolutely no judicial experience, was challenging well-respected Justice Paul Green of the Texas Supreme Court Pl 5 and not the entire ‘legal establishment.’ So now Rick is a crusader fighting the ‘legal establishment’. The very same people he will have to work with if elected.

The email continues, “but the legal establishment is up in arms. They have an elitist mindset that Supreme Court justices should all have the same degrees and experience, even though the people of Texas have historically disagreed.” The email also mentions that Rick Green has, “18 years as a practicing attorney,” yet if you look at the Texas State Bar website it states that his occupation is ‘Non-Law Related Employment’.

The Texas Supreme Court is one of the most conservative courts in America and it makes no sense to start diluting its conservative strength. Besides how is it possible that a man who has no judicial experience and a questionable history of practicing law take on the task of being the ‘Constitutional Watchdog’ on the Texas Supreme Court. The Texas Supreme Court is the last resort for civil matters which include juvenile delinquency.

It might be true that Rick has dozens of endorsements but you should question why they gave their endorsement. Is it a ‘friendship’ endorsement or solid endorsement? It seems that Rick is depending almost exclusively on endorsements to win. Question anyone outside Texas giving an endorsement for a Texas Supreme Court. Chuck Norris?? Phyllis Schlafly, didn’t she endorse Trump?? Do the people who so willingly gave their endorsement know his legal background?

Justice Paul Green has proven to be a conservative jurist. He and the other justices on the Supreme Court comb through 1000’s of cases annually. Imagine Rick who has never sat on a judicial bench trying to digest any amount of cases. Justice Paul Green is endorsed by Governor Rick Perry and former justices of the Supreme Court: Tom Phillips, Wallace Jefferson, John Cornyn, Harriet O’Neill, Dale Wainwright, Scott Brister, Craig Enoch, David Medina, Raul Gonzalez and Al Gonzales.

Justice Paul Green graduated from St. Mary’s University Law School in 1977. He was a Justice for the Fourth Court of Appeals in his home town of San Antonio for 10 years before being elected to the Supreme Court in 2004. Justice Paul Green and his wife, Courtney, belong to Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. Paul Green has three sons, Paul, John and Ethan and four grandchildren. Two of his grandchildren are school age and are being homeschooled.

There is a difference between experience-rich Paul Green and endorsement-rich Rick Green, voters should be informed as to which Green should sit on our Texas Supreme Court.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!


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