Rep. Fallon Votes Against the Biden Bailout

I recently voted no on H.R. 1319, the Democrat’s wasteful and partisan spending bill, and released the following statement:

Democrats, to the detriment of the American people, wasted a golden opportunity to show true bipartisanship. What America needs is increased vaccine production and distribution that can reach every citizen who wants it. Instead, Democrats forced a pork-filled joke to pad their districts and advance social engineering policies through the House.

At nearly two trillion dollars, it’s hard to imagine that only 9% ($160 billion) goes to fight the Coronavirus. The remainder, a whopping $1.74 trillion, is for pet projects like a tunnel next to Nancy Pelosi’s opulent district, billions for foreign nations, and a billion for an agriculture ‘equity commission’—all paid for, with interest, by our children.

It’s not bad enough that Democrat mismanagement killed helpless seniors throughout blue states. Now they want to sacrifice our children’s futures by keeping schools closed and saddling them with astronomical debt. This was my easiest vote yet.


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