Rep. Gohmert Issues Statement on President Biden’s Invitation-Only Joint Session of Congress Address

I issued the following statement on President Biden’s invitation-only Joint Session of Congress Address:

Under the guise of COVID-19 safety protocols, the President, or people making his decisions, did not invite all members of both Houses of Congress to attend Wednesday evening’s speech. Instead, they broke the Biden administration’s pledge of unity, making his speech invitation-only. 

Searching House precedents which are catalogued as far back as 1789, it does not appear there are any instances of a restricted small group of Members of Congress being favored with an exclusive invitation to a Joint Session. Though the Speaker even brought a Member with COVID into the House Chamber to insure she had enough votes to be reelected Speaker, she now claims to want to protect everyone from that same virus. A majority of us with immunity to COVID were not invited.

Perhaps they fear Congressional reaction to this Administration’s radical, divisive, socialist agenda from a House and Senate with razor thin Democrat majorities. Their replacement of Constitutional devotion with optics and a gaslighting narrative continues to be their modus operandi. In 2016, Democrat Members staged an insurrection where they physically took over the House Floor, and for the first time in Congressional history, prevented a scheduled session, all in an effort to force the then-Republican majority to vote on stripping Americans of their constitutional right to bear arms. They are constantly setting new patterns for divisiveness and this is yet one more.


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