Rep. Gohmert Offers Real Solution to Botched U.S. Afghanistan Withdrawal

I released the following statement on the Biden Administration’s disastrous failures in Afghanistan:

On the 20th anniversary of 9-11, the Biden administration will have disgracefully prevented our military from protecting Americans abroad, figuratively bowing before the very bloodthirsty organization that instigated 9-11. The Obama-Biden team already already did unfathomable harm to America by releasing 5,000 terrorist prisoners to continue their horrific murdering, many back in Afghanistan.

Some say there are only two choices: unconditionally surrender by withdrawing, or send vast numbers of American troops back to Afghanistan. There is a third alternative many Afghan partners have been begging for:  Exit Afghanistan but leave U.S. weapons with those militia in the north that defeated the Taliban in 2001-2002.

Leaving our weapons with the Taliban, instead of getting those to our allies in northern Afghanistan who are still holding their ground, is deadly  buffoonery. Our Afghan allies have driven the Taliban out of Afghanistan once and they can do it again if properly armed.

To accomplish this, Biden must forget his phony deadline and get all American citizens out of Afghanistan, airlift our remaining weaponry to our allies in the north, and blow up any U.S. weapons the Taliban has. Biden should make clear to the Taliban that if they harm an American in Afghanistan, we will, as President Trump said, ‘rain down fire and fury’ on the enemy. 

My heartfelt prayers are with our American citizens President Biden has disregarded, and for our heroic military who served in Afghanistan struggling with increased traumatic stress, some even calling my office and weeping, over Biden providing aid and comfort to the Taliban enemy.


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