Rep. Gohmert Responds to DOJ’s Third-World Politics Raid on Mar-a-Lago

I issued the following statement in response to the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid:

We have known for years that the FBI, DOJ, DNC, Intel Community, State Department, even DOD, Clinton campaign, a DC law firm, a foreign agent, a Russian with questionable ties, and others worked to prevent Donald Trump from being elected and then to throw him out of office while they lied for years about him being a puppet of Putin. Nothing effective has been done other than cover-ups, which have now included protecting candidate Joe Biden and now President Biden. Democrats have refused to protect Americans from drugs, violence, and cartels pouring over our border, while pushing us into recession. Hunter Biden and President Biden have been protected from prosecution by the DOJ and Secret Service. 

This is an absolutely incredible move by the DOJ to pursue, harass and now invade the former President’s home, who had authority to declassify documents. As we have seen with many January 6th defendants, the process is the punishment. 

To Republicans and Libertarians of good heart and conscience: Do not let this lawless government provoke violence. We have seen this before. They will use it to declare more emergencies, perhaps even take more of our liberties, and attempt to steal the upcoming election, and make this the totalitarian, Orwellian police state toward which they have been moving us. Conservatives need to stay peaceful while verbally proclaiming the incredible abuses of these dictator wannabes. 

This is precisely what has occurred repeatedly in third-world countries by megalomaniacal dictators. The entire world has seen that President Biden is not mentally capable of making a cogent decision, and as a result, one of the main problems we face as a nation is not knowing who is pulling these tyrannical strings. 

Perhaps Merrick Garland gave us a clue when he, in effect, indicated he would be watching the Pelosi-directed J6 macabre Marxist show trial to get his marching orders. Looks like he got them.


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