Rep. Jackson Introduces Legislation To End Taxpayer-Funded Fake News

This week I introduced the No Partisan Radio Act, or the NPR Act, which would end the federal government’s financial support of National Public Radio (NPR). Jackson’s legislation comes as NPR has come under fire for using funding from American taxpayers to advance liberal narratives.

When Congress established NPR in 1970, it was under the pretext that the outlet’s content be non-biased and embrace diversity of thought. Sadly, the NPR we know today operates as a messaging arm for woke, radical Democrats. NPR is now indistinguishable from the other mainstream, liberal media outlets that we know all too well. The American people are fed up with the liberal media as it is, and they should not be forced to enable outlets like NPR with their tax dollars. I am proud to introduce this legislation because it is past time we put a stop to taxpayer-funded fake news.

Text for the NPR Act can be found here.

Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) co-sponsored Jackson’s legislation.


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