Rep. Mike Turner Decries Biden’s Decision to ‘Cancel’ God

Following President Biden deleting God from his National Prayer Day proclamation, I criticized the order as offensive:

President Biden has embraced the far-left’s cancel culture that attempts to rewrite American history, tear down our institutions, and now, cancel God. I’ve successfully fought to protect religious liberties by ensuring flags can fly over the U.S. Capitol that include an inscription honoring God, and it’s clear the fight to defend faith and religious expression continues. It’s disheartening to see this decision from a President who once claimed that faith is the ‘bedrock foundation’ of his life. Our national motto is ‘In God We Trust’. May God continue to bless America.

successfully led the push to change a rule by the Architect of the Capitol that censored religious expressions on flag certificates after a 17-year-old Eagle Scout in his district, Andrew Larcohelle, received a certificate that censored the word "God" from his requested inscription. My legislation, the Andrew Larcohelle God, Family, and Country Act of 2007 successfully changed this policy to permit the acknowledgement of God on flag certificates.

President Biden’s decision to omit God in Thursday’s proclamation diverged from past actions by his recent predecessors in both parties, President Donald Trump, President Barrack Obama and President George W. Bush. It also differs from Biden’s previous statement as a presidential candidate that “faith is the 'bedrock foundation' of my life.”


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