Rep. Nehls on Fox Business: More Police Officers Mean Safer Streets

Last night, I went on The Evening Edit to discuss my bill, the Public Safety Enhancement Act. The bill will provide grant funding to put an additional 100,000 law enforcement officers on the streets over the next five years. The legislation reauthorizes Title 1 of the COPS grant authored by then-Senator Joe Biden in his 1994 crime bill.

“Now is the time for Congress to come together, on both sides of the aisles, and pass this legislation,” I said.

Earlier yesterday, I delivered handwritten notes to all 440 Members of Congress, including 5 non-voting delegates, asking for their support of the bill.

“I sent a letter to all Members of Congress stating that we owe this to the American people,” I said. “If we are truly worried about our nation’s streets, and the violent crime that we are seeing, here is an opportunity to do something. The American people deserve to feel safe in their communities. Let’s get it done.”

I introduced the Public Safety Enhancement Act in December 2021 in response to surging crime across the country. Read more about the bill HERE.


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