Rep. Nehls Urges Officers to Exercise Caution Ahead of Rittenhouse Ruling

As the highly contentious trial of Kyle Rittenhouse comes to a close, I released the following statement as protests are expected to ramp-up ahead of the ruling:

It has been a very contentious week as the trial for Kyle Rittenhouse begins to wind down. There are strong feelings on both sides on where this ruling should head, and we are expecting to see mass protests in large, leftists cities as the jury deliberates. As a 30-year law enforcement agent, I am calling on all my brothers and sisters in blue to exercise extreme caution while securing our streets. The left is looking for any reason to demonize and disparage our brave officers. All peace officers need to understand that no matter what comes after the Rittenhouse trial or the threats of BLM leaders in large cities, there are consequences to shooting unarmed individuals.  Lieutenant Michael Byrd got off scot-free for the shooting and death of Ms. Ashli Babbitt, but that does not mean that cities run by far-left Democrats will not indict and imprison officers who fire on rioters. I urge officers across the nation to consider the consequences before drawing your weapons.


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