Rep. Nehls Votes Against Censuring Rep. Gosar

I recently voted against H. Res. 789 – Censuring and Committee Removal of Representative Paul Gosar. Recently, Rep. Gosar posted an altered anime video on his Twitter depicting violence against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden. Democrat leaders responded by pushing for a resolution to censure Rep. Gosar. Following the vote, I released the following statement:

I do not condone the depictions of violence in Rep. Gosar’s video. Violence towards anyone should not be promoted, especially by a sitting Member of Congress. But I also cannot support the Democrat’s attempt to force a vote to censure Rep. Gosar when the process for referring this matter to the House Ethics Committee has been circumvented. Every individual that is called to be censured deserves a chance to not only defend their actions, but to defend those actions in front of the committee that is designed to investigate cases exactly like this. Democrats should not bypass the Ethics Committee for political gains simply because they hold the majority for another 13 months.


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