Rep. Roy Exposes the Truth About Democrats’ Unconstitutional D.C. Statehood Push

I recently slammed Democrats for their politically driven, unconstitutional effort to grant Washington D.C. official statehood.

A transcript of my remarks are below, and footage can be found at the link here.


My friend from Maryland makes an excellent closing case in court because he knows that this is going to be in court, because he knows that this is constitutionally infirm. He is trying to make the case that’s going to have to be made in court, on the losing side of the argument, because it is very clearly unconstitutional to add DC as a state by statute. 

And what we have here today is a simple question: does anybody in this room believe that if Lubbock, Texas, had been set up as the capital seat of the United States of America, that my colleagues on the other side of aisle would be arguing to give it the position of statehood? No, of course not. This city was set up by the Founders to be the capital seat of the United States of America. It was not set up to be a state, and when my friend said that every other state has been added by statute, none of those had been specifically set up as the capital seat of the United States of America. This should be rejected. It is unconstitutional. DC has never been a state. It shouldn’t be a state, and it’s not going to be a state. 


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