Rep. Roy Lays Out Policy to Put Americans Back in Charge of Their Own Healthcare

On Wednesday, I introduced the Healthcare Freedom Act of 2022 to put Americans back in charge of their own healthcare.

H.R. 9160, the Healthcare Freedom Act would create “Health Freedom Accounts” modeled after the current Health Savings Account (HSA). But, unlike restricted HSAs, H.R. 9160 would allow anyone to hold a Health Freedom Account, and allow tax-free withdrawals for insurance, direct primary care, healthcare sharing options and medications. Importantly, this bill would also equalize the employer-employee tax structure for healthcare by allowing everyone to contribute to HFAs tax-free. 

This bill is a crucial step to disrupting our broken healthcare system, restoring free market practices, lowering costs, and giving Americans access to the high quality of care they deserve.

Original cosponsors of the legislation include Reps. Andy Biggs, Doug Lamborn, Van Taylor, Debbie Lesko, Ralph Norman, Jody Hice, Randy K. Weber, Ted Budd, Mark E. Green, Bob Good, Lauren Boebert, Roger Williams, and Matthew Rosendale, Sr.

Groups in support include The Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Free2Care, Direct Care Texas, Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

I had the following to say:

“The American People are sick and tired of a healthcare system that works to the advantage of everyone but the doctor and the patient.  Big Healthcare – built on a foundation of crony-capitalism and power hungry politicians –  has destroyed the affordability of and restrained access to the greatest medical care in the world. 

“It’s time to end that. It’s time to cut through the knot of government-corporate bureaucracy and put power back in the hands of those who actually provide it and those who actually receive it. 

“It’s time for healthcare freedom, and my bill, H.R.9160 – The Healthcare Freedom Act is a crucial step in achieving it.”

Full text of the legislation is available here.


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