Rep. Roy urges Biden’s VA secretary to put veterans first, drop “unacceptable” employee vaccine mandate

On Wednesday, I sent a letter opposing Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough’s decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for VA employees.

VA employees should not have to face losing their livelihoods over a personal medical decision – particularly when evidence shows that the COVID-19 vaccine does not prevent contraction or transmission of the virus. These vaccine mandates are unacceptable and antithetical to the freedoms the veterans you serve fought to defend.

I pointed out how the vaccine mandate may restrict veterans’ access to care and increase wait times, particularly in rural areas. He also raised concerns with reports that the VA may not accept all employees’ religious or medical vaccine exemption requests.

A number of VA employees have contacted my office worried that they will have to choose between the job they love or following tenets of their faith. As a country founded on religious liberty, there is no right more precious than this. Your Administration is bound by the Constitution to protect these rights.

I concluded by pressing Secretary McDonough for answers on how the VA plans to implement the mandate and process employees’ vaccine exemption requests.

The full text of the letter is available here and below.


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