Rep. Roy's statement after voting against Wednesday's en bloc bill package

This week, the Democrats—per their usual swampy tactics—pulled a last-minute floor maneuver and lumped eight different bills together for a single vote. This “en bloc” vote contained several veterans-related bills and even one of my own, the “Wounded Warriors Access Act” that would allow veterans to more easily access their VA health records.    

Had these eight bills been considered individually on the House floor, I likely would have supported many of them. Unfortunately, this en bloc also included legislation that would undermine states’ Tenth Amendment powers over professional licensing and would spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money without a way to pay for the cost. 

Therefore, I voted no on this package of bills. The “People’s House” needs to end these swamp games and get back to debating and voting on single-issue pieces of legislation so that every vote — and every voting record — is crystal clear to the American people.


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