Republican Party of Texas June Chairman's Report

The following was written by Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tom Mechler:

June was perhaps the busiest month yet during my time as chairman of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT). I started off the month with a State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) meeting in Austin, then spent the rest of June attending grassroots and fundraising events across the state. We ended the month with deeply disappointing news out of Washington D.C., but I am still very optimistic about the health of the Republican Party of Texas and the 2016 elections.

RPT began June with an action packed State Republican Executive Committee meeting. This was my first full SREC meeting to preside over as chairman. The SREC is an all-volunteer group of grassroots leaders who care deeply about the RPT and are essential to the operation of our Party.

One personally memorable opportunity I had was to speak at the annual Boys State event in Austin. I am a Boys State alum and was happy to spend some time with the next generation of Texas leaders. If these kids are any indication of the type of leadership Texas will have in the future, our state is in good shape!

I spent a couple of days in the DFW area during the middle of June. Denton County Chair Dianne Edmondson invited me to speak to the Denton GOP’s Lincoln Cabinet and also to their Executive Committee. Dianne is doing a magnificent job in Denton County and I was honored to share my vision for the party with such a committed group of grassroots activists and supporters. The next day I had the privilege of attending the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce 30th Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony. Governor Abbott was the keynote speaker and I had the honor of sitting with Tarrant County Chair Jennifer Hall at the luncheon. After the luncheon, I stopped by the Tarrant County GOP offices and visited with some of their summer interns. Next generation engagement is a critical component of my vision for the future of RPT, and it is always inspiring to see young folks who are not only ardent conservatives but also willing to work so hard to elect Republicans.

Towards the end of the month, I traveled to Cleburne to attend the Johnson County Republican Women's (JCRW) reception. I had a chance to visit with Senator Brian Birdwell, State Representative Dewayne Burns, and Ralph Patterson, who is the SREC committeeman for SD22. The Johnson County Republican Women rolled out the red carpet for their guests, and I want to commend JCRW President Brenda Gammon for putting on a first-class event.

As you know, the U.S. Supreme Court recently handed down some deeply disappointing decisions. The RPT has heard from many Texans who are concerned for the future of religious liberty. I can assure you that the RPT stands ready to assist our elected leaders in any manner in which we can be helpful to protect the religious freedom of Texans. The liberal media, like many times before, has tried to write off the Republican Party for being out of step with everyday Americans after the Court's rulings. However, Democrats can celebrate the Court’s decisions, but Republicans will have our say at the ballot box in 2016. Texas will continue to be the front line for the defense of liberty and conservative values in America. I expect to have an extremely successful 2016 election next year. We are an energized, organized, and inspired Party, ready to fight for the values that make America great. I look forward to working with each and every one of you to push Texas Democrats further into irrelevance next year by winning every statewide race, holding and building our Texas House and Senate majorities, increasing our Congressional majorities, and expanding the number of GOP local elected officials.

Have a safe and happy July 4th!

God Bless You & God Bless Texas,

Tom Mechler


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